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In my sculptures I am constantly looking for simplicity and elegance. That puts me completely in flow on good days. I always work manually and consciously avoid machines to maintain the purity of my creative process. I find inspiration in flowing and mathematically inspired forms, among others, from the artists Kurokawa Toru, Jan van der Laan, Merete Rasmussen and Eva Hild. I like Möbius bands, lemniscates, waves and spirals. Clay, alabaster and limestone are my favorite materials.

First I took courses in woodworking and sculpting in stone and wood. Under the guidance of Johan Docquier in the Court of Imagination, I learned the techniques, tools and materials of sculpting. The training encouraged me to work by hand and to let the stone guide me. Gradually I developed my own approach and style. Because my sculptures became thinner and thinner I also started to use clay to build the shapes I like. Now I work every day with clay and stones at a quiet but unstoppable rhythm.


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Toon Hermans

"Al doe je 't voor een sikkepit,
niet erg,
als er maar pit in zit..."

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